What are the main features of RAMON?

The main features of this new tool are the following:
  • Use of UNICODE.
Making use of the UNICODE character set makes it possible to store and disseminate information in any language.
  • Multilingual character of the information disseminated. Whenever possible or available, the information is presented in all languages in which it exists. This is especially true for some classifications which sometimes exist in 20 languages.
  • Its powerful search engine.
When a search is performed, the search engine of RAMON goes through all the objects loaded in the database and returns all results found, whatever the metadata category in which it was found.
  • Layout adapted to the type of metadata presented; the way the information is displayed on the screen depends on the kind of metadata; for instance, thesauri will respect the main international standards used for presentation of these data (narrow terms, broad terms, etc.).