Classification database

Since classifications are the main basis for the organisation, coordination and implementation of statistical surveys, the Croatian Bureau of Statistics has established a classification system according to Neuchatel Terminology, which contains all international and national classification versions structured according to classification families and types of classifications as without classification none of statistics can be collected, processed, published and disseminated.


KLASUS is a tool designed for use by all users of classifications, which enables browsing and searching of classifications by name and code, provides a presentation of individual elements of classifications, their headings, explanations or indices, if any, as well as correspondence tables between various versions of classifications. It also offers a possibility to download classifications in multiple formats with all their levels and elements.
Hyperlink: KLASUS

NKD search engine

Given that the National Classification of Activities is most often used not only for conducting statistical surveys but also for the purposes of various statistical and administrative registers, an appropriate search engine has been established.
The NKD search engine is a tool that enables simple and fast searching of the National Classification of Activities (NKD) and finding the correct activity code based on one or more keywords, and vice versa – based on the known activity code it is possible to find the required activity class.