Quality reporting

The Croatian Bureau of Statistics regularly submits quality reports, using templates prescribed for each statistical area by an appropriate Eurostat’s organisational unit. To this end, a standard template has been developed based on the ESMS, ESQRS and SIMS structures. In order to produce comprehensive quality reports in a way that all quality indicators are taken into account, the Croatian Bureau of Statistics has prepared the Handbook for Calculating Key Quality Indicators.
The role of quality reporting will be further pointed out in the upcoming period in order to provide users of statistical data with the access to appropriate metadata that describe the quality of statistical results with a view to a proper interpretation and use of statistical data. Furthermore, the Croatian Bureau of Statistics, as a producer of statistics, will make public the information on the implementation of high-quality standards at all levels of statistical processes through the quality reporting on statistical surveys. The prepared quality base containing information for reporting according to the ESMS, ESQRS and SIMS structures and quality reports available on the website of the Croatian Bureau of Statistics, certainly contribute to fulfilling this task.

Commission Recommendation 2023/397 on reference metadata and quality reports for the European Statistical System
Inventory regulations on quality and quality reporting
European Statistical System handbook for quality and metadata reports
Quality reporting template
Handbook for calculating key quality indicators
Checklist for Survey Managers (DESAP)
Checklist for Survey Managers (DESAP)_condensed version
Electronic DESAP-E checklist
Electronic DESAP user guide
Quality reports by statistical domains



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