Having in mind all statistical quality aspects, the Croatian Bureau of Statistics decided to implement an adjusted GSBPM, because it exhaustively describes and defines a set of business processes needed to produce the official statistics. It provides a standard framework and harmonised terminology in order to help statistical organisations to modernise their statistical production processes as well as to share methods and components. The GSBPM is also used for integrating data and standardisation of metadata, as a template for process documentation, for harmonising statistical infrastructures and to provide a framework for a process quality assessment and further improvements.
Based on the GSBPM structure, the Croatian Bureau of Statistics carried out the analysis on how this model can be implemented into the practice of the Croatian statistical system and, on the basis of that analysis, prepared a slightly adjusted model. The adjusted model was then used as a basis for the creation of the standard template for the preparation of the statistical survey documentation.
The template is used for describing and documenting of every statistical survey in a standardised and harmonised way. It also supplements standard quality reports in the process of determining the level of quality. The GSBPM has been, as a model, created independently of the data source and adjusted to the needs of the Croatian statistical system. Therefore, it can be used for the description and evaluation of the quality of the processes based upon surveys, censuses, administrative records and other non-statistical or combined data sources.

Instructions on Quality according to GSBPM model
Description of statistical processes according to GSBPM model
Description of statistical processes according to GSBPM model - template