The second session of the Committee

The topic of the second session of the Committee was the third round of the Peer Review 2021 – 2023.

Peer reviews serve as a mechanism to assess the compliance of statistical systems of all members of the European Statistical System (including the Croatian Statistical System) with the 16 principles of the European Statistics Code of Practice. The received recommendations are intended for the improvement and further development of the national statistical systems of the European Union.

The session of the Committee was held in an extended composition. In addition to the members, it was attended by guests, other representatives of producers of official statistics, for a more comprehensive and high-quality exchange of knowledge and experience due to the upcoming activity of conducting the third round of the Peer Review.

During the session, Mr. Mario Vlajčević, Head of the Crime Administration System and Social Protection Statistics Department in the Croatian of Statistics, and the national co-coordinator for conducting the Peer Review, presented the basic information on the procedure, purpose and goals of the Peer Review, to whom it applies, and its scope and main features. He explained the self-assessment questionnaires of the Croatian Bureau of Statistics and other producers of official statistics. The workflow of activities and potential recommendations were also presented, which are also the topics for further discussion and development of the statistical system.

Given that Eurostat emphasised greater participation of other producers of official statistics in the third round of the Peer Review, compared to the second round, all producers are invited to participate, except in case of a justified reason, for which a written explanation should be submitted.

The representative of the Croatian National Bank announced the exemption of the CNB, as the producer of official statistics, from the third round of the Peer Review, given that they are also a member of the European System of Central Banks, which has a compatible but separate quality control system that is subject to some other legal basis. Other members of the Committee announced their participation in the third round of the Peer Review, and the method of further exchange of information and documentation, as well as working meetings during the process, were agreed upon.

The members of the Committee agreed that the upcoming process of self-assessment and Peer Review will be a useful experience for further activities of the Committee and the development of the national system of official statistics.