The first session of the Committee

The first session of the Committee for Official Statistics System of the Republic of Croatia, the coordinating body consisting of representatives of official statistics, was held on 3 June 2022 in Zagreb. The task of the Committee is to establish appropriate systems for effective cooperation and coordination of producers of official statistics and to provide for efficiency and quality in the development, production and dissemination of official statistics in the Republic of Croatia in accordance with the established regulations in the field of statistics, the Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics adopted by the United Nations and the European Statistics Code of Practice.
The Committee is chaired by Lidija Brković, the Director General of the Croatian Bureau of Statistics, while the members are the heads of organisational units of producers of official statistics competent for performing official statistics activities within the scope of producers: Tomislav Galac, representative of the Croatian National Bank, Ivana Radeljak Novaković, MSc, representative of the Ministry of Finance, Assistant Professor, Primarius Ranko Stevanović, MD, PhD, representative of the Croatian Institute of Public Health, Đurđica Požgaj, representative of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development and Krešimir Jakuš, representative of the Ministry of Agriculture, substituted by Mario Jurašić at this session.
At the first meeting of the Committee, the members adopted the Rules of Procedure of the Committee and exchanged very useful experiences in the practice of producing official statistics. The President of the Committee informed the members about international activities, especially those within the European Statistical System (ESS) and the direction of its further development. During the first session, the members were also informed about and discussed the upcoming activities and tasks of the national statistical system, in particular the upcoming third round of the Peer Review. It is an expert assessment of the compliance of national statistical institutes and the European Statistical System (ESS) with the European Statistics Code of Practice (CoP). The visit of expert reviewers will take place in March 2023, preceded by intensive preparation of the entire national statistical system.
The members of the Committee expressed great interest in strengthening cooperation and addressing challenges in the modernisation of the process, but also in maintaining and strengthening the quality of the production of official statistics, to the satisfaction of a wide range of users.