Internal organisation

  • The central office of the Croatian Bureau of Statistics, situated in Zagreb, is organised as follows: 

     1 Director General’s Office
     2 Human Resources, Legal and General Affairs Directorate
     3 Financial and Procurement Directorate
     4 Macroeconomic Statistics Directorate
     5 Business Statistics Directorate
     6 Spatial Statistics Directorate
     7 Demographic and Social Statistics Directorate
     8 Statistical Methodologies, Quality and Customer Relations Directorate
     9 Information Technologies Directorate
     10 Data Collection and Processing Directorate
     11 International Relations Department
     12 Project Implementation Department
     13 Strategic Development of Statistical System Department
     14 Internal Audit Department
  • The Croatian Bureau of Statistics, outside the central office in Zagreb, is organised as follows:

     15 Branch Unit for Statistics Varaždin, based in Varaždin
     16 Branch Unit for Statistics Osijek, based in Osijek
     17 Brach Unit for Statistics Rijeka, based in Rijeka
     18 Brach Unit for Statistics Split, based in Split