Intrastat Guide

Technical manual
The Intrastat report (Intrastat Form) is submitted to the Intrastat system exclusively by electronic data exchange via the web application CIWS - Croatian Intrastat Web Service. The deadline for submitting Intrastat Forms is the fifteenth of the calendar month following the end of the reference month.
To access and use the CIWS web application, users (PSIs or agents) have to be registered in e-Customs. Users can register for the use of e-customs services at the following link:

The Intrastat form (IF) is an electronical form in XML format. The XML format of the Intrastat form can be generated from:
  • An excel file of Intrastat form
PSIs reporting fewer number of monthly items can use the Excel format of the Intrastat form. Data are to be manually entered into the Excel Intrastat form. After entering the data, an XML format of the Intrastat form (i.e., a file to be submitted to the Intrastat System) is generated from the Excel Intrastat form. The generated XML form is uploaded into the Intrastat System via CIWS - the Croatian Intrastat Web Service.
  • CIWS online Intrastat Form
Online Intrastat Form contains the same structure and fields as Excel version, but with more functionalities. (control of data)
  • User applications
User applications with implemented functionality for electronic data exchange with e-Customs submit the generated .xml immediately to the Intrastat system.

XML IF generated from user applications without implemented functionality for submitting IF can be submitted with CIWS web application.
All user applications for generating Intrastat reports must contain defined field structure and format of the Intrastat Form and formal field controls. XML format of the Intrastat Form must be generated in line with the default .xml schema.
In case of any problems with filling in or submitting Intrastat reports business entities can contact Intrastat Helpdesk.

Intrastat Helpdesk
tel. (+385 42) 234 255
Business hours: Mon-Fri 7:30 - 15:30