Monthly Survey on Import Price Index

The Croatian Bureau of Statistics is obliged to submit data on the import price index to Eurostat on a monthly basis from the day the Republic of Croatia joined the euro area.
The survey is used to collect data on the turnover and prices of imported goods from a representative basket, that is, the products that were not produced in the Republic of Croatia, but were imported from any Member State of the European Union or from any other countries in the reporting month. The data on turnover are collected once a year, while the data on prices are collected in monthly dynamics.
The purpose of calculating the import price index is to measure and monitor the monthly transaction price developments of imported goods purchased on non-domestic market by domestic residents. For the calculation of the import price index, it is very important to collect data on the prices of the same goods from the same partner country month by month.
Reporting units are selected business entities that purchase the goods from sections B Mining and quarrying, C Manufacturing and D Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply of the National Classification of Activities, 2007 version − NKD 2007, on the market of the European Union, as well as on the markets of other countries.
The results of the survey are published monthly within T + 45 for the reference period (e.g. data for January 2023 were published in March 2023). The data are available under STS database (short-term business statistics database) on the website of the Croatian Bureau of Statistics and delivered to Eurostat according to the defined methodology and in given format.