Glossary and abbrevations

The commonly agreed and accepted terminology is one of the basic conditions for further developments. Therefore, glossary of the terms from the quality area was created and approximately 300 terms are included in the glossary. For each English term, the Croatian translation is given together with a short description of the term (in both, Croatian and English).
Glossary of Quality terms

  • ESMS      Euro SDMX Metadata Structure
  • ESQRS    ESS Standard for Quality Reports Structure
  • GSBPM   Generic Business Process Model
 ESMS is based on the Euro SDMX Metadata Structure (ESMS). It aims at documenting methodologies, quality and the statistical production processes in general.
 The ESS Standard for Quality Reports Structure (ESQRS) contains the description and representation of statistical metadata concepts to be used for providing detailed information for assessing data quality.