We’ve upgraded Stedy – pay it a visit!

Immerse yourself in a sea of interesting data, visualisations and tasks

Statistical educational portal Stedy has been enhanced with new content! Specifically, we have upgraded the five chapters, each dedicated to a certain statistical concept, with additional sub-chapters in order to step up your knowledge and understanding of statistics.

The new sub-chapters follow a proven formula for successfully mastering statistical knowledge: first a bit of theory, then some practical examples and interactive visualisation, followed by a knowledge test.

Once again, professors of the Mathematics Department of the University of Osijek helped us in creating new content: Associate Professor Nenad Šuvak, PhD, Professor Mirta Benšić, PhD, and Associate Professor Danijel Grahovac, PhD, whom we thank for their excellent cooperation.

With this content upgrade, we pursue our mission to bring statistics closer to the general public, teachers, professors, pupils, students, and all statistics enthusiasts in an inspiring, unconventional, and interesting manner. We also hope that this will contribute to boosting statistical literacy.

Whether the first thought that comes to your mind at the mention of statistics is the twilight zone and you urgently need an additional learning tool, or you are a statistics fan, visit the Stedy portal! Get to know the cool side of statistics and immerse yourself in a sea of interesting data, visualisations and tasks!