Farm Structure Survey to be conducted soon

30 thousand agricultural holdings will be interviewed

In the period from 1 to 30 June, the Croatian Bureau of Statistics will conduct the Farm Structure Survey. It is the basic survey in the area of agriculture statistics. It covers 30 thousand agricultural holdings, selected from the Statistical Register of Agricultural Holdings, which will be visited by authorised CBS interviewers in the specified period.

The objective of the survey is to collect data on sown areas, land categories, labour force in agriculture, number of livestock and other animals, organic farming, irrigation, soil management practices, machinery and equipment, and rural development measures.

The data obtained by this statistical survey provide an insight into the structure of agriculture in the Republic of Croatia and are important for the assessment of overall trends in agriculture. The results are comparable at the international level, and are used for decision-making and creating common agricultural policy in the EU.

This survey is conducted every ten years in the form of a census of agricultural holdings (Agricultural Census) and every three years in the form of a sample survey.
It is important to note that, in accordance with the provisions of the Official Statistics Act that refer to the confidentiality of statistical data, individual data collected by this survey are an official secret and are statistically confidential, they are published exclusively in aggregate form and used exclusively for statistical purposes.

Therefore, if you have been selected for the sample, keep in mind that by filling out the questionnaire, which takes only ten minutes, you are helping the Croatian Bureau of Statistics Bureau of Statistics to obtain quality statistical data. Thank you!