Meeting held on new phase of project "Introduction of a cost estimation system for statistical processes and products”

Croatian Bureau of Statistics launches development of system software

Croatian Bureau of Statistics hosted a meeting under the ESF project entitled "Introduction of a cost estimation system for statistical processes and products", which was an introduction to a new phase of the project, specifically, the development of the system software.

This phase of the project was preceded by an analysis and a detailed project design prepared by the Croatian Bureau of Statistics’ project team.

The project "Introduction of the cost estimation system of statistical processes and products” together with the software aim to improve the decision-making process and the use of resources of the Croatian Bureau of Statistics, by creating tools for determining, allocation, planning, analysis, control and evaluation of costs. In February 2023, following a public procurement procedure, the Croatian Bureau of Statistics signed a contract with the company Teched poslovne usluge Ltd., which will assist the Bureau’s staff in the software development.