Income and Living Conditions Survey Results in 2024 has started

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More than 12 thousand households participate in the survey 

The Income and Living Conditions Survey, a regular annual survey by which data on income, earnings, living conditions and life standard of the population are collected, will be carried out from April until the end of June 2024.
This year, more than 12 thousand randomly selected private households will participate. In the mentioned period, they will be interviewed by the authorised interviewers of the Croatian Bureau of Statistics, either through personal visits or by phone.

If your household has been selected into the sample, please bear in mind that participation in the survey is important for future creation of social policies, scientific analyses, comparison of statistical indicators of income with EU Member States and for informing the broad public on social progress.
It is important to point out that the survey is conducted on the basis of the Official Statistics Act (OG, No. 25/20), by which confidentiality and anonymisation of collected data are guaranteed, meaning that all collected data will be used exclusively in aggregated form for official statistics purposes and that the identity of any household or person who participated in the Survey will not be disclosed.

The results of the last Income and Living Conditions Survey carried out in 2023 are available in the First Release and Statistics in Line.
To all selected households we express our gratitude for their participation.