Implementation of Time Use Survey begins

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The collected data will provide the information necessary for creating social policies

How much time people spend on paid work, household chores and family care, personal care, voluntary work, social life, travel and leisure, is only a part of the interesting data that we will find out thanks to the Time Use Survey, which will be carried out from 21 November 2022 to 26 November 2023 on a sample of 4 680 households in the Republic of Croatia.

The aim of the Survey is to collect statistical data on how people spend their time during work days and days off, what activities they engage in and how much time they spend on them, as well as on the socioeconomic characteristics of household members. The results will provide the necessary information in the area of creating social policies, in various scientific analyses and international comparisons and, in general, for informing the general public.

This Survey is conducted by authorised interviewers of the Croatian Bureau of Statistics in all counties and in the City of Zagreb. Upon their arrival at a household, interviewers will show their official ID that authorises them to conduct this Survey and explain to the members of the household how they will participate in the Survey.

It is important to note that all the collected data are statistically confidential and an official secret. They are used exclusively for statistical purposes, which means that they will be published as aggregate and it will not be possible to recognise the answers of persons who participated in the survey based on those data.

If your household has been selected in the sample, please respond to the Survey so we can obtain a high-quality basis for analysing data on the organisation of the daily life of citizens of the Republic of Croatia.